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Rose Garden- Chapter 4
Her prison was a beautiful one, but a bird in a cage would have had more freedom. Andy felt herself chafing and made another circuit, passing the same furniture as before. The same cold fireplace. The same rugs. The same locked cabinets and trinket shelves. How many times did that make? A hundred? Maybe five hundred? Maybe a thousand? It was getting hard to tell.
After her harrowing first night at the Garden, Andy expected to be thrown into hellish chaos the next day. She feared sleeping because of it. Closing her eyes meant becoming willingly vulnerable in a den of wolves. What if someone dragged her to the first floor while she slept? What if someone forced her into a room full of men? What if someone forced her to fill her bought and paid-for role as the newest play-thing at the Garden? No, she wouldn’t sleep and didn’t for the first three days. Her mind expanded with progressively dark scenarios. But the terrifying moment never came. No one came, for that matter.
At fir
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Mature content
Rose Garden- Chapter 3 :iconikaikadesign:IkaikaDesign 0 0
Rose Garden- Chapter 2
The second the carriage slowed to a reasonable speed and a Stone-boy pulled open the door, Louis tumbled out in a most undignified manor. He looked like a man who had gone three rounds with an alley cat. His once manicured, oiled blonde hair was a mess. His trim and precise suit was wrinkled, untucked, and torn in places. A smudge of blood marred his face, running diagonally from his left nostril and cutting across his cheek. He was a mess and ached in the special way a man does when catching a shot to his nethers. Luckily for this staggering man, his Stone-boys took care of the girl while he stalked off towards the sprawling mansion, seeking his employer and maybe a bag of ice for his balls.
Andy was dragged bodily from the carriage with little ceremony and even less grace, once again propped between two Stone-boys. Her tousled hair hung limp and sweaty over her eyes, partially disguising the redness of her cheeks due to both exertion and the slaps delivered to her when she physically
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Rose Garden- Chapter 1
“Father! Father, please!” Andy shouted loud enough to strain her vocal cords as hard as she strained the muscles in her arms. Her fingers, strong though they were, slipped from his in a clumsy fumble, severing her lifeline as she was physically carried away by the Stone-boys. “Don’t do this! Please don’t do this!”
Her cries fall on deaf, helpless ears. Only her sisters could stand watching her dragged from their home, their bitter, heartbroken tears flowing across splotchy cheeks. By comparison, their father remained dry-eyed, arms at his side, face red with shame. There was no denying he was a beaten man— his right eye blackening from where one of the Stone-boy’s struck him—and his remaining daughters hated him for it.
The Stone-boy’s held Andy tight, one brute on each arm, carrying more than dragging her to the waiting carriage. She fought them as hard as her instincts demanded. Twisted, jerked, screamed, kicked: anything th
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Resin Infused Table by IkaikaDesign Resin Infused Table :iconikaikadesign:IkaikaDesign 4 2 Design 1 by IkaikaDesign Design 1 :iconikaikadesign:IkaikaDesign 34 1


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Hey all! Good god, it's been a little over half a year since I've posted a new journal :XD: I promise I'm not dead, but writing and tumblr have greatly diminished my time here on DA. I get on when I can, but usually just to answer messages and check out new art submissions.

Still haven't forgotten about you guys though! Hopefully this summer I'll get to start working on some crafts again, and maybe even something to put up in my long since forgotten Etsy shop. I still need to carve a few more pendants before posting them, but so far so good. 

Basically this is just a "hey I'm not gone and forgotten" message. I'll update in a few more days when I have something more relevant to add to the journal board. 

For those who would like to follow me on tumblr (I'm far more active on there with both artwork and writing) feel free to pop on over and bug me. 
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I am NOT currently taking commissions. Message me for information.

If you are interested in getting a custom piece of artwork designed by me feel free to message me at any time. I promise I'll get back to your notes as soon as possible, but if I'm a little slow please don't take it as a cold shoulder. Now for a little FAQ.

Q: Does your Island/Polynesian/Maori art have significant meaning?

:bulletred: No. All the art I do in the Oceania style is purely for aesthetic purposes and is not connected to any tribe or peoples. It is purely Kirituhi art.

Q. Is any of your art free for the taking?

:bulletred: NO! None of my art is free to just walk off with. I put a lot of effort into my designs and the only reason I'm here on DA is to get my name out into the world. That doesn't mean people can take my work and paint it onto their skin without permission or paying first. I'm sorry, but that's the way of it.

Q. How much do your commissions cost?

:bulletred: Most commissions will cost $50.

Q. How do you want to be payed?

:bulletred: In money of course! :XD: But seriously, I work only through PayPal and would like payment up front. I am willing do a preliminary sketch before payment is sent, but I must be payed before I start inking or detailing anything.

Q. Do you do anything in color and does it cost more?

:bulletred: I am willing to do colored pieces but if it calls for intricate coloring I may have to drop the commission. Any tattoo/tribal design with color WILL cost more depending on the difficulty.

Q. Do you do commission with your Alphabet Photography or custom Mighty Muggs?

:bulletred: I do! =D Please PM me for more information

Q. Do you do custom names and words in Gallifreyan circle script?

:bulletred: I do indeed. If you are interested in a custom circle script, message me and I'll explain how it works and what you should expect to find. I will also translate your name or word under the script or under each letter depending on what you want.

Q. How long does a commission take?

:bulletred: It all depends. Most of the time I can crank out a tattoo piece in about two days, but if I have class or a heavy work load it might take a little longer. Safe to say, if you commission something from me expect to see the finished product in about two weeks.

Q. Do you trade art as payment?

:bulletred: That depends a lot on the artist wanting to trade. I would prefer to be payed in cash, but I'm willing to discuss trades to a certain extent.

If I haven't answered any questions you have with this little Q&A please feel free to message me and ask. I won't bite you to hard ;)

Current Residence: Washington DC
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
Favourite genre of music: I'm eclectic
Favourite style of art: Polynesian, Maori, Native and Celtic
Operating System: Wacom, Photoshop CS5
MP3 player of choice: Ipod all the way
Favourite cartoon character: Beast from Beauty and the Beast
Personal Quote: its never the end until you've hit rock bottom, there you can pick yourself up and start again




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